Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moving On and Moving East

Well lots has happened since last I blogged. 

First off, I've moved from St. Louis, MO to Danville, KY. I am now employed at Centre College as the Costume Shop Supervisor for the Drama Department. I accepted the job back in April, but tried to keep it hush hush in the event it didn't work out. But I've been living and working in Danville for a week so there's no hush hush about it now. Danville is a very small town, but I live in a beautiful one bedroom apartment in downtown Danville. I am walking distance to work, my bank, Papa John's, CVS, the frozen yogurt place, and the microbrewery. The first week of work was very slow, mostly me getting my bearings on my new job and all my responsibilities. The students start on Monday so things should get a lot more exciting and interesting when students start getting added into the mix. It really is a great job for me and where I want to go with my career. I am very lucky. 

I had very mixed emotions about leaving St. Louis. Although I had grown to despise the theatre that I was working for, I absolutely loved the city and I had made some very close friendships. Leaving was very hard. We had so much fun this summer: The free concerts at the botanical gardens, the trivia nights at The Post, dancing  at Big Daddy's, the Arch visits, popsicle break, Call Me Maybe, shopping at Trader Joe's, the float trip, the lazy river, Chic-fila, the pod parties, Sex and the City marathons, Beer Thirty, Target shopping, the burlesque show, all the bars, Boom, cooking in the secret kitchen- all of these are memories I will cherish forever. 

I crossed a lot more off of my 24 list. 
7. Buy a CD- Aaron and the One Drops is a reggae group local to St. Louis. They were the last free concert at the botanical gardens this summer. Most of the people there were hippies, I felt very out of place, but it was one of the best concerts and we had so much fun we had to buy their CDs. Sydney bought one and I bought the other. They are awesome. Check 'em out. 
10. Start a new trivia team - Turns out there was a lot of us that worked together that wanted to play trivia. We went to The Post on Wednesday nights, just like at Old Staley's. Although we had a lot of fun, the team wasn't ever very good. Although, I am proud to say that the night where the music category was video game theme songs, out of the 3 of 15 we got correct, I knew two of them. Thank you Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Eye!
11. Touch the Mississippi River- I finally touched the Mississippi River during my last weekend in St. Louis. It was very anticlimactic, but that day Mike, Jesse, Sydney and I went on a picnic at the Arch and then toured the Brewery and went to the blues bar that night. It was one of the most epic days in St. Louis and I could not have asked for a better last weekend in St. Louis
14. Try Lobster - After we all went on a "float trip" we went to Red Lobster for dinner. I say "float" because we were in canoes and kayaks in a river that had no current - there was no floating involved at all. We were all so exhausted from the day, but we still wanted seafood for dinner- I guess something about being in water...? We ordered a lot of food, but we deserved it and ate every last bit of it -I had crab legs and lobster (it wasn't a cheap bill by any means). The lobster was delicious, but I did prefer my crab legs. (That night may have been my golden moment to accomplish #20, as our waiter, although highly flirtatious, was a jerk, but I let it slip away with a very sarcastic message with my tip.)
18. Try a new hairstyle - Some may not even notice that I got my hair cut. But boy can I. I was finally able to communicate with a hair stylist what I wanted my hair to do and she made it happen. I still have long hair, but the bulk of my hair is gone and I have lots and LOTS of layers. My head feels as light as it would if I had chopped all my hair off. I love it. I also welcomed back the side bangs. I'm in love with my hair right now. 
22. Not be unemployed for longer than 4 weeks. Even though year 24 isn't up yet, I think it is safe to say that I will not go 4 weeks without being unemployed. As long as I don't get fired in the next 6 months, I will have gone all of year 24 without being unemployed! Hot damn. Momma, I'm a big kid now!

I was able to accomplish half of my Year 24 bucket list while in St. Louis. I am right on track!