Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What happened to November?

I realize of course that November is only a couple of weeks in, but I could have sworn yesterday was October. October went very slowly for me. I had very little work, and had very little to do to occupy my days. November is already drastically different by comparison and quickly getting away from me.

I was hired to run wardrobe for a show in Queens back in October, but it wasn't until last week that I started working on the show. The show is a new play called The Cottage, similar in style to some of Noel Coward's plays from the 1930s. It is a hilarious show about sex, murder and violence - it's very witty and sharp. And the costumes are beautiful. I'm having a lot of fun working on this show.

About the same time that I started working in Queens, I was asked to come interview for an internship on a TV show pilot. My schedule was a bit weird at the time because of tech week in Queens, but they rescheduled my interview 5 times! By the time I finally went in for my interview I was a bit skeptical, as they were the ones who kept rescheduling. But when I arrived, they informed me that they had gotten so busy they realized they didn't have the time to actually conduct interviews. They liked my resume the best so instead of interviewing, I immediately started training. It was about an hour into the job before I was even able to ask what the TV show pilot was about. I'm not really sure how much I am able to divulge about the series, since its still so much in its beginning stages. There hasn't been a lot of press about the show - at least not yet, so I don't want to spill the beans. Let's just say it's a very exciting idea for a show, also an "anna will like this" kind of show; it will get a lot of press if it gets picked up because it will be the first of its kind; some big names are cast and at least one of the cast members is someone I've admired for all of my life and I might DIE if I actually get to meet them on set.

Working on a TV show is so different from working on a Broadway musical. I knew it would be, and on my first day I asked a lot of questions. But I didn't expect it to feel so different, its similar in a lot of ways, but it seems more relaxed, even though there is still just as much pressure, and less time to do things. But I'm having a lot of fun. The people I'm working with want me to ask questions, they want me to learn - and that's a nice feeling. If the series gets picked up it will HOPEFULLY mean a lot more exciting things to look forward to.

This is my November. I work on the TV show for 3 days and then The Cottage for 3 days. In theory I have Sundays off, but those have gotten busy as well. I literally don't have any more days off between now and when I go home for Thanksgiving. Both the show and the TV show will wrap by that point, so I still don't know what December will look like. But right now it just seems like everything's coming up roses.