Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The things to come.. tomorrow

Tomorrow I will finally have internet in my new apartment. Then I will post a nice long post about my arrival to the city of St. Louis and the goings-on since my arrival. Until then my friends!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Year 24 Update

  1. Move to St. Louis
24 down, 23 to go. Things are looking up for the year 24!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Year 24 Bucket List!

I quickly last night before it became my birthday came up with 24 things to do while I'm 24. A bucket list for 24 if you will. Check back in a year to see how I did!

  1. Move to St. Louis
  2. Go on a blind date
  3. Sing karaoke
  4. Go to a weird museum
  5. Not watch TV (or the internet viewing of) for a week
  6. Go further West than St. Louis
  7. Buy a CD
  8. Join a gym
  9. Save money
  10. Start a new trivia team
  11. Touch the Mississippi River
  12. Visit WV
  13. Go to the top of the Gateway Arch
  14. Try Lobster
  15. Paintball
  16. Visit another Grad School
  17. Cook dinner for friends
  18. Try a new hairstyle
  19. Go to a professional sports game
  20. Give a fake number at a bar
  21. Convince Mom and Dad to go on a cruise for Christmas (and take me!)
  22. Not be unemployed for longer than 4 weeks
  23. Save my receipts!
  24. Skype with more friends

There's a little Fangirl in all of us.

Today is the best day of the year. It's not just because it's my birthday. Okay, that's a HUGE reason why it's the best day of the year. But it's the first day of spring! It's the first day of the Zodiac! It's my birthday! And since it's my birthday no one can make fun of this admittingly embarrassing post.. But I love soap operas. They've been a part of my life for about 12 years now.. OMG - half my life! I inherited the love of soaps from both grandmothers and my mother (although she eventually moved on). I've been forced to let go of my most beloved soap, One Life to Live, a few months ago, but I still appreciate the genre and the actors that are a part of it. I admit that I still squeal with delight when two of my favorite characters get together, or yell at the screen when one character does something positively stupid, and I even roll my eyes when the storylines are so farfetched I can't wrap my brain around them. But I still love them. So imagine my birthday delight when two of my most favorite soap opera actresses wished me a happy birthday on twitter! I shamelessly told them both via twitter about my birthday, and asked for a little love and they both obliged! Yes this fangirl can't contain her joy and must share it with everyone. Finola Hughes was my first love of soap operas. I grew to love her as Anna Devane on All My Children although that character is better known on General Hospital. Kassie DePaiva played Blair Cramer on One Life to Live, and recently guest-starred on General Hospital as the same character. Today is also Kassie's birthday so I feel all the more special in being recognized by her. So here it is, the tweets that made is fangirl jump for joy on her birthday!

What a wonderful day to be a soap fangirl and to have a birthday!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I was recently in Chattanooga for the South Eastern Theatre Conference. I saw friends from Theatre West Virginia and East Carolina. We all had a lot of fun painting the town red. I think if I had been able, I would have done a lot more around Chattanooga - seen more sights than the three blocks surrounding our hotel. But the 3 blocks around our hotel were pretty awesome. I highly recommend the following in Chattanooga:

  1. The Chattanoogan Hotel. A really awesome hotel. Go to the bar on Thursday and talk to Jeffrey. He is a wonderful bartender that will pretty much make you whatever you want, however you and the best price he can make it. That being said, the female bartenders SUCK. And there's a live band on the weekend making it impossible to hear. But the hotel and Jeffrey were great
  2. The Terminal. If you like stout, try their oatmeal stout. I hate stout but it was quite delicious. Also you haven't lived until you try their "festo."The staff is great and the atmosphere is really fun. 
  3. Urban Stack. Burgers GALORE. Any thing you can ever ask for on a burger, they can make it happen. And they have Veggie Burger substitutes. Delish! Also, if you like Girl Scouts, try their Samoa milkshakes. 
  4. The Southside Saloon isn't very quick at lunch, but they always have Miller High Life for $1.50 24/7. Just a good things to know.
Yep I recommend going to Chattanooga for their food and booze. But I look forward to the day I can return and get to see more of the city. 

Oh, and I guess the conference was fun too.