Thursday, March 20, 2014

Year 26: 26 pieces of art in one year

The night before I turned 24, I made a list of 24 things I wanted to do while I was 24. It was a bucket list of sorts. All though I did not complete every thing on the list, I really enjoyed having that list through out the year. It challenged me to do something more for myself. 

In that same vein, I'm going to make a "bucket list" for the year I am 26. Year 25's "bucket list" was "Get to New York and Figure Out How to Stay"- it's a work in progress challenge. This year  I am challenging myself to do 26 pieces of art through out the entire year. Basically one new piece of art every two weeks. Does that sound crazy?

Well it is. But I want the challenge. I recently visited the Carnegie Mellon University Drama Department. I have made it no secret that I want to go to Grad School, and right now CMU is my top choice. The very kind faculty encouraged me do to more art on my own and to go to more museums- to immerse myself with more art. I am embracing their advice and making my own challenge and goal. This time next year, I will be in the process of interviewing for schools and I will hopefully have lots more personal artwork to show in my applications. I want to be a better artist, better student, better designer. This is my own way of challenging myself to be those things. 

So here we go Year 26. Bring it on!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to ME!!!

PS. 26 different pieces of art... I am open to suggestions, inspirations, and encouragements. 

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